Technical Webinar on “Effective design and construction of high strength S690 steel and their welding technology”

Date, time & venue
2022-05-25;6:00pm – 7:00pm;Zoom (online)


Applications of high strength S690 steels to buildings and bridges are very attractive owing to their high strength to self-weight ratios which often provide significant savings in costs and time. However, there are concerns on deterioration in mechanical properties of the S690 steel plates after welding as a result of changes in microstructures, in particular, in both strength and ductility, after welding. It should be noted that both strength and ductility are essential to ensure overall structural safety in structures. This presentation will provide latest research findings and engineering applications of high strength S690 steels and their welded sections conducted at the CNERC, in particular, structural adequacy of both strengths and ductility of the S690 welded sections.


About the Speaker:

Prof. K F CHUNG 钟国辉 教授 is an internationally renowned academic, researcher and structural engineer with established expertise in steel construction. Currently, Prof. Chung is a Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Founding Director of Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (Hong Kong Branch) 国家钢结构工程技术研究 中心香港分中心 主任 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prof. Chung works on a wide range of inter-disciplinary engineering investigations, analyses and simulations, especially on modern steel and steel-concrete composite structures. His research interests include materials and behaviour of high strength steels, structural behaviour, limit state analyses and performance-based design of structural systems, structural fire engineering and fire protection in buildings and tunnels, and design codification. In the recent years, with strong supports from the construction industry and various government departments and agents, Prof. Chung has extended his applied research interests into effective use of high performance materials, sustainable infrastructure development, corrosion protection of structural steelwork. Prof. Chung serves as a Member of the Construction Industry


Council in Hong Kong since 2018, and he was Vice President of the Institution of Structural Engineers in the U.K. from 2017 to 2020.



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