Technical Webinar on “Resilience and Risk-Informed Coastal Infrastructure Design and Management considering Climate Change Effects”

Date, time & venue
2021-02-26;6:00 pm to 7:00 pm;Zoom (online)


During their service life, structural systems (e.g., civil and marine structures) may be subjected to aggressive deteriorations such as corrosion and fatigue and/or extreme events such as floods, hurricanes. These deteriorations may start from the day the structures enter in service and, if not effectively managed, can cause a significant reduction in structural functionality and safety. In addition to these hazards, the global climate change may affect both the frequency and intensity of these extreme hazards and the severe consequences have become a major concern for decision makers. Maintaining performance and functionality of structural systems under these adverse effects and changing climate is gaining increased attention. This highlights the necessity of effective assessment and management of civil and marine structures in a life-cycle context. The main objective of this talk is to present a risk and resilience-informed approach for the design and life-cycle management of coastal infrastructure systems.


About the Speaker:

Dr. You DONG joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering in December 2016. He received his PhD in Structural Engineering from Lehigh University, USA. Dr Dong serves as a committee member of the ASCE- SEI Technical Council on Life – Cycle Performance, Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structural Systems and Multi-Hazard Mitigation. He has been awarded several international awards, such as Young Scholar Award for the IABMAS (international conference on bridge maintenance, safety and management) and Recognition Award for Scientific Contributions and Personal Merits by the International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association. His research mainly focuses on the development of the next generation of civil and marine structures, incorporating risk, resilience, and sustainability in a life-cycle context. Specifically, he has formulated possible solutions to make our cities and communities safer, more resilient, and more sustainable considering climate change effects and potential application of novel materials and structural systems.



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