Technical Webinar on “The Behaviour of Non-seimsically Designed RC Beam-Column Joints”

Date, time & venue
2020-11-19;6:00 pm to 7:00 pm;Zoom (online)


Moment resisting frame is a common structural form and widely adopted to provide lateral resistance to earthquake in a seismic region. When a frame is under seismic excitation, the beam-column joints play an important role in transferring moments and internal forces among adjacent beams and columns. This action induces both vertical and horizontal shearing forces, whose magnitudes are typically many times higher than those in in the adjacent members, to the connection. Without proper design to the joint, beam-column joints can be the most vulnerable element.


In non-seismic region or low-to-moderate seismic region, it is common that joint design is not being considered. The structural behaviour of such joints may weaken the performance of buildings under unexpected seismic excitation. In particular, BS8110 was one of the building codes which was widely adopted in many regions e.g. UK and Hong Kong. However, joint design was not included. This webinar would mention about the features of non-seismically designed RC joints, their structural behaviour and related building code provisions.


About the Speaker:

Ir Dr Simon Wong is an Associate Professor at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi). His areas of expertise include tall buildings design and seismic engineering with an emphasis on seismic design and the behaviour of concrete structures, including columns and joints. Dr Wong’s outstanding research on seismic design of structures has earned him the prestigious TK Hsieh Award 2006 from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) UK and the Magazine of Concrete Research Prize 2019.



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