The Structural Design of 145m Span Single Layer Dome – Yujiapu Railway Station Roof

Date, time & venue
2018-08-08;6:00 pm – 6:30 pm (Refreshment), 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Talk);Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F


Speakers: Ir Dr Goman Ho, Arup Fellow



Since the September launch of a new high-speed train link between Beijing -Tianjin-Tianjin Yujiapu, passengers have been able to make the once three-hour trip in just 60 minutes. Under the 145m long span single layer shell roof, it is not just a 20,000m2 terminus for high-speed rail but also a local metro train station and retails space.


The roof is 145m long, 80m wide and 26m tall. It is a single layer diagrid shell roof from a concept of natural sea shell. The roof was designed for wind, seismic, snow load and also checked for progressive collapse. Generally speaking, 2nd order geometric nonlinear analysis should be considered in roof design process. However, it may not be easy to include the initial imperfection of members in the global analysis. For this project, the initial imperfection of both the structures and members (i.e. P-D-d / P-∆-) are all considered through the most advanced direct analysis tools. The global collapse load for the roof was determined to ensure that the roof won’t collapse at its ultimate limit state.


This seminar will present the concept of the roof structural arrangement, use of form finding to determine the optimum geometry, the results from both conventional direct analysis will be presented. Furthermore, the construction sequence of the roof will also be addressed.


About Speaker:

Dr Goman Ho is an Arup Fellow and has been working with Arup since 1992. He was the first global leader for Arup Tall Buildings Skills Network and also serve as the regional Seismic Skills Network. He was involved as PD/PM/PE for a number of tall building projects with an accumulated height approaching to 8 km including CCTV HQs in Beijing, the 460m Vincom Landmark 81 Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, the 528m tall Z15 in Beijing, the 597m tall Goldin Finance TJ117 in Tianjin and currently working on a 650m tower in Wuhan. Besides that, he was also involved in 1 km long Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal T3, 320m span Beijing Olympics National Stadium (Bird Nest) and 145m clear span single layer roof for Yujiapu Traffic Hub etc. One of his interesting project is a 30m span single layer bamboo pavilion in Hong Kong.


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