Half-day Seminar on Design of Glass including Glass Fin and Bolted Connection in Glass Pane

Date, time & venue
2017-06-23;1:45 pm (registration) for 2:15 pm to 5:45 pm;Room N002, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


(Supported by Structural Division)


Scope and Objectives
For glass fin and bolted connection in glass pane, the presence of holes through which bolts are inserted leads inevitably to stress concentration and should not be ignored.


In traditional engineering for an infinite thin plate with a hole under tensile load, conventional peak stresses near the hole can be three times as large as those away from the hole. For splice connection of glass fins using bolts, structural calculation should have checked the tensile stress at the edge of the hole caused by the contact bearing stress of bolt on the glass hole, and that high tensile stress concentration would be generated.


In these circumstances, a stress concentration factor of 3.0 for the tensile stress generated is adopted as an assumption. Alternatively, for more accurate assessment of the stress concentration effects caused by the bearing stresses at the contact area of the hole in the glass, rigorous finite element analysis maybe conducted.


Since the design is based on well-defined parameters, no specific test is required to demonstrate the structural performance of the splice connection. Attention should be paid to its detailing at the glass fin and bolt/glass interface of the splice connection, which should be filled up with sufficient thickness of resilient gasket, usually silicone rubber, EPDM, Neoprene and Santroprene, in order of cost, with usual A-shore hardness value of 60.


While there are intensive aspirations from the industry in the design of glass fin and bolted connection in glass pane, the seminar is tailor-made on the design of glass with particular reference to glass fins and bolted connection in glass pane for the practising building professionals in particular Registered Structural Engineers, Technically Competent Persons and façade practitioners to attend.


The HKISC have the great pleasure to invite Ir Dr. Dominic YU, a Corporate Member of the HKIE as well as an expert in the structural design and use of glass, to deliver the workshop. Dr. YU is now working at Alpha Consulting Limited, responsible for designing and supervising a number of curtain walls, window walls and glass balustrade works.


Official Language
English and Cantonese.


Registration fees
The registration fee includes a copy of lecture notes, a copy of CPD certificate.


Regular Registration: HK$ 600 each for HKISC Members, HK$ 700 each for HKIE Members; HK$ 800 each for non HKISC/ HKIE Members.
Group Registration: HK$ 700 each for group registration of at least 5 people


Please send the completed registration form with registration fee to Mr. Sam Chan, HKISC c/o ZS972, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon by 19 June 2017 (Fax No.: 852-2334 6389). You can download this form on HKISC web (http://www.hkisc.org) or request through emailing to: samchan@hkisc.org. For further information, please contact Mr. Sam Chan above.



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