Half-day Workshop on Minor Works Control System in Structural Steelworks

Date, time & venue
2017-06-02;1:45 pm (registration) for 2:15 pm to 5:45 pm;Room N002 , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom, Kowloon


(Supported by Structural Division)


Scope and Objectives

In addition to the prevailing system under which prior approval and consent of the Building Authority have to be sought for carrying out building works, the Minor Works Control System(“MWCS”), a set of simplified prescribed requirements, is enacted under the Buildings Ordinance since December 2010.


The category of building works, namely “minor works” and a new register of “registered minor works contractors” (“RMWCs”) for carrying out such minor works, have been introduced under the BO. Minor works are classified into three classes (namely Class I, II & III) according to their nature, scale and complexity as well as the risk to safety they pose. Under each class of minor works, works are further classified into 7 types that correspond to the specialization of the works in the industry. Meanwhile, there are 144 minor works items under the MWCS.


Prescribed Building Professionals (PBP) appointed in respect of any Class I minor works is required to provide a copy of the prescribed plans, details of the works and supervision plan (as required) submitted under the simplified requirements to the Prescribed Registered Contractor(PRC) on site.


Where a supervision plan is required, the PBP and PRC are reminded to comply with the requirements under the Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans (TM) and the Code of Practice for Site Supervision.


Unlike the “centralized processing of building plans”, the documents submitted to the BD for the carrying out of minor works under the simplified requirements and for the inspection and certification of PB/BW will not be referred to other government departments. If the proposed minor works involves the jurisdictions of other government departments, the PBP or PRC should consult and obtain necessary approval or consent from the relevant government departments accordingly.


All submissions under the simplified requirements and for the inspection and certification of PB/BW are free of charge.


The workshop is tailor-made for building professionals and practitioners who would like to engage with MWCS works from application for inclusion in the Minor Works Contractors’ Register to acquisition of requisite performance as Minor Works Contractors relating to structural steel works.


The speaker of the seminar is Mr. Bishop W K Chung, an Authorized Person (List of Surveyors)and a part-time lecturer in the Construction Industry Council (CIC) with profound knowledge and experience in the Minor Works Control System under the Buildings Ordinance (BO).


Official Language
English will be the official language.


Registration fees
The registration fee includes a copy of lecture notes, a copy of CPD certificate.


Regular Registration: HK$ 600 each for HKISC Members, HK$ 700 each for HKIE Members; HK$ 800 each for non HKISC/ HKIE Members.
Group Registration: HK$ 700 each for group registration of at least 5 people


Please send the completed registration form with registration fee to Mr. Sam Chan, HKISC c/o ZS972, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon by 29 May 2017 (Fax No.: 852-2334 6389). You can download this form on HKISC web (http://www.hkisc.org) or request through emailing to: samchan@hkisc.org. For further information, please contact Mr. Sam Chan above.



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